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Ball Chain Spools

Beaded Chain

Beaded chain, known as ball chain or bead chain, is made up of hollow metal balls connected by short rods. This construction allows extreme flexibility, easy cutting, and prevents kinking.

Bead Chain Connectors

Connectors, or couplings as they are sometimes called, are used to connect two ends of ball chain together. Most of the time they are used to connect two loose ends of a length of ball chain to form a circle or loop.

Type A Couplings

Type A couplings snap onto the end of your ball chain and allow you to secure your chain to a desk, wall, or other flat surface with a screw or bolt. Different sized couplings have different sized eyes.

Safety/Sash Chain

Safety chain, sometimes called plumbers chain is a weld-less chain made up of links folded and looped together. This is primarily used for plumbing fixtures but has many other uses.

Industrial Chain

Frank Winne provides a full line of industrial chain in varying sizes, put ups, and finishes from Grade 30 proof coil chain up to Grade 70 transport chain.

Transport Chain/Load Binders

High carbon steel with improved wear resistance and increased hardness. Ideal for truckload securement.


Frank Winne is ISO9100 compliant and able to provide parts for a variety of specs on ball chain and sash chain fabrications.

Industrial Chain
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