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Type A Couplings

Type A couplings snap onto the end of your ball chain and allow you to secure your chain to a desk, wall, or other flat surface with a screw or bolt. Different sized couplings have different sized eyes.

The eyes can either be straight or offset, for a flush fit to the surface you want to attach your chain to. As with beaded chain a wide variety of colors and finishes are available upon request. Standard finishes are Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickel Plated Steel and Nickel Plated Brass.

We also offer several sizes of A couplings where the eye is not connected together.

Trade Size Chain Size Hole Diameter Pieces/ Pack Weight/ pack
Size 6AD 3–6 0.130″ 1000 1
Size 6AA 3–6 0.144″ 1000 1
Size 10A 8–9–10 0.130″ 1000 2
Size 10AD 8–9–10 0.193″ 1000 2
Size 13AN 13 0.193″ 1000 3
Size 13A 13 0.255″ 1000 3
Size 20A 15–20 0.262″ 1000 9
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