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Anchor Line Rope Supply - Heavy Duty Marine Grade Nylon Polyester Fibers, Premier Supplier of Boat Anchor Lines and Marine Anchor Rope

Anchor Lines

Nylon Extra Anchor Line is the perfect line for the recreational boater. Our rope is strong and UV protected. We also use a stainless steel thimble to make the product last longer.

Blue Streak Webbing

Blue Streak Webbing is a versatile item. It is used in the moving industry and any application where strength and a non-abrasive strap is required.


Our braided cotton/polyester blend clothesline is flexible and easy to use. Our Premium product offers a strong synthetic core for long lasting use, while our Economy product offer a good alternative for our price point customers.

Cotton Cable Cord

Frank Winne’s cotton cable cord is made from a blend of polyester and cotton yarns. This product is ideal for use as a mason line, crab line, seine twine, staging twine, and for general cordage tie down applications.

Cotton Rope

Frank Winne has partnered with one of the leading producers of cotton ropes in order to offer a low cost and excellent utility rope. These ropes are available in coils or pre-cut hanks. All of our cotton ropes are made in the USA.

Derby Rope

Our Derby Ropes are made from high tenacity multi-filament fibers. They stay round under load, and will not rot or mildew. Derby Ropes offer a good resistance to abrasion, oil, grease & other chemicals.

Hollow Braid Polypro Rope

One of the most practical and inexpensive ropes available, hollow braid allows for high knot retention and is easy to splice. Through one of our many partnerships, we are able to offer our customers an affordable & reliable product.

Loktite Utility Cord

Loktite cord is made with a polyester jacket and a polypropylene core. This construction makes the cord strong, while giving it a high abrasion and UV resistance. The addition of polypropylene to the core helps to keep the cord economical.

Manila Fiber

#1 Highest Grade available, fresh cut, bright color, consistently clean, long-length. Winmore fiber is made from Virgin Abaca Fiber, not seconds or rope waste products like others. It is NEVER treated with pesticides or cordage oils…

Manila Rope

This natural fiber rope is made from the finest Philippine Abaca available. It has a high abrasion resistance & low stretch. Frank Winne Manila rope is manufactured to meet the tensile requirements set forth in specs.

Nylon Extra Rope

Our Nylon Extra Rope is reinforced with polyester yarns for increased abrasion and U.V. resistance. This rope is perfect for marine, utility, and general industrial use. We carry a complete line of sizes across the country.

Polypro Rope

Frank Winne & Son, Inc Polypropylene ropes are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that our customers only receive the finest quality products. We carry many different colors to try and meet all our of customer needs.

PB-44 Esterlene Combo

PB-44 Tubbs Combo Rope is known as one of the leading combo ropes in the industry. Constructed from heavy polyester cover yarns, and the highest tensile polypropylene core yarns…

Sash Cord

Jefferson (Jefco) Sash cord is a cost effective utility cord that does not sacrifice quality. We use only a true 100% blended cotton cover, which is glazed the way a true sash cord should be.

Shock Cord

Shock cord (or Bungee cord) is a great way to secure objects without having to tie a knot. Cords are inexpensive and can have a metal or plastic hook added to them. Elongation of the cord is usually twice the original length.

Sisal Rope

This natural fiber rope is made from the finest Brazilian sisal available. Our product is perfect for industrial tie down applications, as well as any general rope purpose. We carry a select line of sizes and lengths that cover most needs.

Solid Braid Nylon Extra

Frank Winne’s Sold Braid Nylon Extra is made to the highest standards. This is a firm round cord which is great for use in applications involving blocks and pull. The cord has very good shock load resistance, as well as rot resistance.

Tubbs Double Braid

Our Tubbs Double Braid offers an affordable product that can get the job done. In addition to the Tubbs Double Braid, we have partnered with some of the best factories around the world…

Tubbs Arbor-Max Tree Rope

Arbor-Max arborist tree rope is made of a 16-carrier braided polyester cover with a nylon core. The sturdy construction makes this the ultimate tree rope for climbing and the diameter lends itself to an easy grasp.
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