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Manila Fiber

#1 Highest Grade available, fresh cut, bright color, consistently clean, long-length. Winmore fiber is made from Virgin Abaca Fiber, not seconds or rope waste products like others. It is NEVER treated with pesticides or cordage oils that can interfere with its usage. Simply put, the BEST casting fiber available anywhere!! Uses: Combined with plaster to strengthen Industrial Prototype Molds, and to strengthen and form Ornamental figures and Decorative plaster Artwork.

16100 NATURAL BALE 38 lbs 15
16168 NATURAL CARTON 33 lbs 31″ x 27″ x 14″ 15
*Items in stock usually ship same day (if order placed before 12:00pm EST)*
**Call 888-266-7590 to check availability and for items not listed above**
Manila Fiber Product
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