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Rubber Bands


Furniture Bands (rubber moving bands) used for securing moving blankets, pallets, appliances or furniture while moving.

Furniture Bands

We carry a full line of furniture bands for all your moving needs. Whether you are looking to hold skirts on furniture, or just hold open box lids, our furniture bands are up to the task. The bands are constructed using the finest natural rubber available…

Mover Bands

Frank Winne & Son mover bands are the best in the industry. Through one of our many partnerships, we are able to offer our customers a quality band that fit all your moving needs…

Pallet Bands

Frank Winne & Son’s pallet bands are constructed from the finest natural rubber available. Our bands are made to the highest standards, providing both excellent quality and elongation. The primary purpose of these bands is to hold material on pallets while being stored in a warehouse.

Rubber Bands

Frank Winne & Son, Inc. has a rubber band for every one of your needs. We are the nations largest importer of rubber bands. While we carry a complete line, we also have the ability to customize bands to any size or color (scented bands are also available).

Rubber Rope

Frank Winne & Son Inc Natural Rubber Rope is one of the best in the market today. Using a proven formula, we are able to offer a natural rubber rope with very high UV protection.
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