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Foam Tape

Our Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tapes are made from a closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam, coated on both sides with high performance solvent based acrylic adhesive or synthetic rubber based adhesive. The tapes have excellent quick-stick sealing with high shear properties for efficient operation and secure bonding. Some other features include good resistance to humidity, mild acids, oil and grease; as well as excellent conformability and compressibility. The tape adheres well to textured and irregular surfaces, and is easily die cut. Standard put up is on 3″ neutral cores. Please call our office at 888-266-7590 or your local sales representative for more information.



Mounting nameplates, signs, small die cast parts, mirrors, maps, etc. Sound & vibration dampening in business machines, industrial equipment, electronic component packaging & glass panel mounts, seals, gaskets, etc. In general, the acrylic adhesive system is recommended for outdoor applications due to its high tempature, UV weather, chemical & plasticizer resistance.  The rubber adhesive system is recommended for high shear demands as its quick grab nature is ideal for immediate load applications and for textured surfaces.

Thicknesses Available

1/32″ 1/16″ 1/8″

Diameters Available

1/4″ up to 60″ log rolls

Lengths Available

72 yd 36 yd 18 yd


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