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Safety & Comfort Mats

We realize that you can purchase a wide range of anti-fatigue matting from many supply outlets. Our Safety and Comfort mats offer scientifically proven ergonomic health and safety benefits, while delivering outstanding value and guaranteed durability.

The results of extensive, rigorous and controlled testing by a team of independent ergonomists and human physiology specialists at an internationally recognized university, show that the Work Matta™ range of safety surface flooring significantly reduces the perception of discomfort in the legs and lower backs of people standing for extended periods of time.

All Work Matta™ flooring tiles utilize a unique compression column construction, specifically engineered to encourage proper body alignment, while promoting a calculated degree of movement or ‘sway’. This almost imperceptible motion stimulates the muscles and promotes the efficient circulation of blood through the veins – especially in the legs – which is key to preventing worker fatigue and discomfort.


Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Section Sample 001

Our Safety & Comfort Matta™ 20″x20″x1″ anti-fatigue mats are a top of the line modular safety surfacing solution. Potential applications range from keeping your workers safe and comfortable to giving your knees a break in your home gym.

Our Original & Cushiontred 20″x10″x9/16″ mats are lighter, more versatile due to their smaller size, and have a much lower profile than our 20″x20″ mats.

Frank Winne mainly stocks 20″x20″ and 20″x10″ mats and their accompanying edges and corners. We also provide specialty mat lines for more specific needs.

Gallery of anti-fatigue comfort mat installations. See the wide range of floor mat applications. Mats can be installed indoor, outdoor – anywhere additional floor protection, padding, or standing fatigue relief is needed.
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